Family of Jamyah Harris thanks those who Brought her Killer to Justice.

Thursday, Early Walker- Owner of W&W Towing was joined by the mother, grandmother, and other family members of the late one- year old Jamyah Harris. The family publically thanked Mr. Walker for putting up the $5,000.00 reward and providing the funeral services Jamyah for free of charge. They also thanked the detective division of the Chicago Police Department for all of their hard work and efforts.

On Friday, May 28th, Mr. Walker officially announced a $5,000.00 reward for any information that would lead Chicago Police to the capture, arrest, and successful prosecution of the offender who killed 1-year-old Baby Jamyah Harris. Baby Jamyah was the victim of a hit-and-run car accident on Thursday, May 27th, on Chicago’s westside.

Mr. Walker also announced that through his McFarland and Walker Funeral Services, he was covering all funeral expenses. Baby Jamyah was laid to rest on June 5th.  

“This is a great day for this family. All they ever wanted was justice for Jamyah’s life. Regardless of the specific nature of how this offender was brought to justice, the reward money ignited a string of phone calls into CPD. This made it increasingly difficult for the offender to move about.” says Walker.

Walker adds, “Our organization will continue to provide assistance to the police department when these issues arise.”


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