Family Demand Justice for Madeline Miller at Flossmoor Board Meeting

Family members of Madeline Miller and protestors arrived in solidarity Monday evening at the Flossmoor Village Hall to demand justice in the death of 64-year-old Madeline Miller. July 10, 2022, Flossmoor police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance. According to reports, police say Miller came to the door with a knife and was shot three times. Miller was taken to Advocate South Suburban Hospital, where she was pronounced dead one day before her 35th wedding anniversary.

The protesters held signs inside and outside the village hall chanting “Black Lives Matter,” “Black Women Matter,“ “Justice for Madeline Miller,” and carrying a red, black, and green flag. The Miller family wants the following demands:

  • Add a discussion of Justice for Madeline Miller to the Board agenda
  • Release the names of the officers who shot and killed Madeline Miller
  • Implement the CAHOOTS program (which stands for Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets) program, which would require a medic and mental health professional to respond alone to issues of mental health, houselessness, addiction, and disorientation. – Or with police, if there’s the potential of violence. This is in accordance with Illinois’s recent CESSA law (which stands for Community Emergency Services and Support Act) and 9-8-8 initiative.
  • An independent investigation into the murder of Madeline Miller, racial disparities within the Flossmoor Police Department and policing in Flossmoor
  • Continuous crisis intervention, mental health, and de-escalation training for Flossmoor Police Department
  • Elected Civilian-Police Oversight Committee
  • Residency requirements for police officers

At Monday’s night meeting, the murder of Madeline Miller was not on the agenda. The Mayor of Flossmoor, Michelle Nelson, advised that comments will be allowed at the end of the meeting. The protestors’ chants during the meeting, led Mayor Nelson to call for a brief recess. Several protestors were escorted out of the board meeting by police.

After several minutes, Mayor Nelson and the trustees continued with the brief agenda and had the last 30 minutes for public comments. Each person had five minutes to speak about their concerns and outrage at the senseless murder of Madeline Miller. All that addressed the mayor and trustees shared the same sentiments that when an individual is having a mental crisis, less use of force should have been done, the need for better mental health resources for law enforcement, and the two Flossmoor police officers be fired and charged of the murder of Madeline Miller.

Family members and protestors left the board meeting chanting, “Say her name, Madeline Miller.”

To support the family of Madeline Miller, visit their GoFundMe fundraiser here.


Tammy Gibson is an author, re-enactor, and black history traveler. Find her on social media @sankofatravelher.

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