Evelyn Lozada Blasted by Ex-boyfriend Antoine Walker as a Gold Digger

Antoine Walker & friend
He didn’t exactly say she was a gold digger, but she don’t date broke ballers.
Former NBA baller Antoine Walker is still seething from the fallout from longtime ex-girlfiend Evelyn Lozada. Walker, who infamously squandered all of his $110 million NBA fortune and is now buried under millions of dollars of debt,  says Lozada left skid marks out of their relationship when the million-dollar lifestyle came to an abrupt halt.
Walker broached the topic during a provocative and comprehensive interview with “The Russ Parr Morning Show” and he went in hard on Lozada:
“My thing with Evelyn is she reaped a lot of benefits of my wealth. And when it got tight, she chose to go a different direction. So that’s the problem that I have with Evelyn.
“Evelyn went on with her reality show and we all know all her relationships she’s been in since me. It hasn’t been about let me make sure Antoine is ok. So that’s a big difference. I dated Evelyn for ten years. In 1999…I signed my ninth deal in 1999. So she got to reap the whole benefits of the whole process.
“It’s tough when you take care of people and you make sure they’re good…their family…their daughters and then they just go left field. “
When it’s been asked why didn’t Walker wife up Lozada if they dated for a decade, Walker responds this way:
“We got engaged in 2007. We had a nasty…she caught me in a nasty breakup. We had broke up for a minute there. That’s what delayed the marriage.
“And then she left when things started to hit the fan.”
What do you think? Does Walker have a point? She also bolted from her famous relationship with Chad Johnson after he went broke and was guilty of domestic violence against her.
The problem with that is this: Walker was known for being a philandering boyfriend who often cheated on Lozada and was physically abusive towards her. But she stayed with Walker for 10 years.
Well, hopefully a third times a charm. Lozada is engaged to yet another big-money athlete, Los Angeles Dodgers star outfielder Carl Crawford. They now have a child together.

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