EPIC Academy High School Seniors Received Over $5 Million in College Scholarships

EPIC Academy, a public, open-enrollment charter high school, serving African-American and Latino students in marginalized communities in South Chicago, hosted its annual Decision Day celebration at Chicago’s South Shore Cultural Center on May 18, 2022.  EPIC students, families, and staff were in attendance. The annual event is a time for seniors to celebrate graduation and announce their colleges of choice and career pathways. Students received certificates of recognition and college shirts. Each student shared with the group a personal reflection and inspirational words to their peers.  This year Epic Academy seniors received more than $5 million in college scholarships.

EPIC Academy senior, Fabian Godinez, and his parents were among the many attendees who gathered to celebrate at the Decision Day event. Godinez is ranked 4 of 125 students in his graduating class and received over $1 million in scholarship offers. He will be attending the University of Illinois at Chicago and majoring in Mechanical Engineering, hoping to eventually earn his master’s degree. “Epic has helped me focus on what I’m best at. The good is never easy, the easy is never good,” said Godinez.

EPIC Academy senior, Allyssa Vanga also attended Decision Day 2022 with her parents. Vanga is ranked 3 of 125 students in her graduating class and has received $866,456 in scholarship dollars. She tentatively plans to attend Concordia University and was accepted at 14 schools.

Chicago South Side EPIC Academy Senior Fabian Godinez (center) with his parents at Decision Day Event 2022. (Photo Credit: EPIC Academy) 

Chicago South Side EPIC Academy senior Allyssa Vanga (center) with her parents at Decision Day Event 2022. (Photo Credit: EPIC Academy) 
Group of Chicago South Side EPIC Academy seniors who graduated with highest honors at Decision Day Event 2022. (Photo Credit: EPIC Academy) 


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