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The Chicago Defender Newspaper, in light of recent headline news in the realm of city public education, decided to host an open dialogue featuring two Chicago-based community organizers/former teachers who would be able to provide insight into what our local educators encounter on a daily basis, how the community may assist, and more.
The hour-long conversation came on the heels of two significant events in public education at both the city and state level. During the week of May 15, Chicago Public Schools announced the launch of GoCPS, a single application initiative, that was developed to provide rising 8th grade students and their families a less convoluted means to apply for the high school of their choice than the current system. Meanwhile, protesters in support of a new education formula for students in Illinois, traveled to the state’s capitol to voice their opinion to state legislators with the hope that a more equitable funding formula is adopted in the near future.
In the weeks and months to come, our educators may face a whirlwind of new conditions that may ultimately impact their performance in the classroom and their quality of life outside of it. It is with these notions in mind The Chicago Defender Newspaper wanted to speak with well informed individuals who could speak on the current state of affairs for educators and those fighting on their behalf.

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