Ebony Steele and Shirley Strawberry Shared the Same Man

Ebony Steele, left, and Shirley Strawberry

Radio personalities Ebony Steele and Shirley Strawberry have more than just being female cohorts on popular morning shows in common. They also shared the same man.
Steele, the talented but ousted co-host of the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show, was engaged to a former felon before he moved on and is now engaged to Strawberry, the current co-host of the “Steve Harvey Morning Show.”
Not what you usually have in mind when you think of a “love triangle.”
According to both sandrarose.com and rhymeswithsnitch.com said the similarly-built women who favor each other from a facial standpoint also share a similar taste in men.
This is what rhymeswithsnitch.com had to say:
“Heres the TEA this dude is the ex boyfriend of former Rickey Smiley show co-host Ebony Steele. He is a ex con hustler who was seriously involved with Ebony for over 2 years. He came up using her when he first got out of prison. She thought he was going to marry her. After he was done with her he came up on Shirley at the hair salon that Ebony was going to at the time. Now less than a year after breaking Ebony’s heart he is proposing to Shirley? Hell to the naw!!!”

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