Dwight Howard’s 8th baby mama suing for more child support


Now perhaps we know why Dwight Howard spent so much time on the bench in street clothes this past season — he might have gotten injured and wore out from performing his many bedroom acrobatics.
According to several reports, Howard now has eight baby mamas in multiple states, according to several reports. And one of them is breaking their secret verbal agreement not to disclose their financial arrangement after Howard allegedly fell way behind in the monthly installments.
According to tmz.com, the Florida woman is suing Howard after she claims reneged on a private deal back in 2013 that required him to pay her $10,000 per month in child support.
However, according to the lawsuit the woman, named Tiffany, says Howard has only come through only through with about half of his obligations.
Tiffany said she is not just seeing red, she is also seeing “green.” When you consider that Howard is pocketing over $27 million from the NBA’s Houston Rockets and endorsements, she felt that $10,000 a month was a paultry sum for him to pay. And since he has slighted her on that, she is now demanding more than the agreement.
Tiffany’s and Dwight’s child, now 4 years old, needs the extra ends in order to subsidize expensive private schools, extracurricular activities and social activities like birthday parties and sleepovers that will help the kid make friends.
Not stopping there, Tiffany also threw in the fact that since the child has a famous dad, Tiffany will need the extra money in order to pay for the therapy to “deal with the unique issues involved in being the child of a celebrity.”
Talk about throwing it all against the wall and seeing what sticks.

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