William Andre Buchanan

William Andre Buchanan also known as Andre Buchanan or Dre Buchanan is former Electrical Engineer with a degree from Northern Illinois University and now a producer (music & film), film financier, angel investor, promoter & corporate marketing & advertising liaison. He was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised on the southside of Chicago and is a Hyde Park Alum. He has worked for over 18 years in entertainment/business consultancy and senior management. Buchanan is a serial entrepreneur/business owner and in addition to angel investing in mostly BIPOC founders, advisory & community investing, has helped startups raise $1M+ combined in crowdfunding while also offering an influencer program, having access to several celebrities, athletes, brands & media outlets via his boutique marketing and advertising agency titled ILL4Real Entertainment (I4R services). He works with several non profits via sponsorship, fundraising and talent acquisition via celebrity and grassroots organizations including the Be The Miracle Foundation and serves as a mentor to Chicago youth, at-risk students and future entrepreneurs with a passion for changing the narrative of the image of young black men to a positive one.


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