Dress For Success: A Successful Journey

Robin A. Taylor lost everything in a tragic fire and lost hope for her future, but with the help and support of Dress For Success, she was able to gain her life back.
Taylor says Dress For Success helped her become the woman she knew should would become. She utilized their career center, where she was able to apply for jobs and get resume building assistance. Once the staff at Dress For Success got hands on Robin’s resume, she was getting more interviews and offers than ever before. In addition, Robin had one-on-one coaching sessions, she learned proper interview etiquette, and access to those that could provide guidance regarding workplace issues.
Dress for Success ensured that Taylor looked as professional as she could and even allowed her to meet other professionals within her field. The support and care that Dress For Success has given Taylor has made it easier for her to tell her story and spread her voice to empower those around her. Taylor and many other women have had life-changing journeys through Dress For Success and are proud to be apart of such an excelling program.
Over the past 20 years, Dress For Success has served and supported over 1 million women worldwide within 150 cities and 26 countries. Recently, they have partnered with FedEx to develop a new interactive online learning platform called The Career Hub. This innovative digital platform will provide access to online learning and workforce development resources for women through technology. This program will make it possible for clients and affiliates of Dress for Success to interact with a high quality educational resource coupled with shared access to opportunities.
“The Career Hub platform and mobile app are guaranteed to expand the reach and scope of our global programming way beyond the traditional brick and mortar setting,” says Dress for Success Worldwide Chief Programs Officer Angela Williams. “Over the past twenty years, we have served over one million women, now there are no limits to the number that we can serve.”
The Career Hub, fully funded by FedEx, directly supports Dress for Success Career Centers which focus on providing programming for women at various stages of their employment development cycle including career preparation, planning and development, workforce development, employment and career advancement and life-long learning.
“We are excited to support Dress for Success with this new technology that will give women the tools and job skills they need to successfully navigate the job application process, secure employment and help them remain employed,” said Rose Flenorl, manager of global citizenship at FedEx. “At FedEx we understand that an estimated one-third of unemployment in the United States can be attributed to the gap between the skills candidates possess and those desired by employers. The Career Hub aligns with our Employment Pathways pillar in which we are committed to help bridge this divide by making sure that all job-seekers have the chance to develop necessary workforce skills and competencies.”
The Career Center has become a valuable resource for women around the world to stay connected to their local affiliates, participate in workshops and maintain a network of support. With the support of FedEx, Dress For Success plans to continue to expand and enhance their Career Centers. The Career Hub will launch in all three Dress for Success worldwide satellite offices in the New York, Chicago and Los Angeles locations.
In addition to their new advanced program, their suites are full of beautiful and good quality professional women’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and more. Each client gets their own personal shopper to ensure their needs are met and so they can get the individual attention they deserve. These personal shoppers make sure that their clients are ready to step out in the professional world and look the part. Every client of Dress For Success has a story of success after the program and they’re excited to see how many more lives they can change.


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