Draya Michele was NEVER proposed to by Scandrick and she bought her own ring

Dallas Cowboys defensive back Orlando Scandrick absolutely blew the lid off of Draya Michele’s “marriage” machinations by torching the reality star on social media, denouncing Draya and calling the whole affair a tragic mistake that he proposed to her.
Now comes the word that the NFL star never even proposed to Draya in the first place. Turns out that Draya, whose elevator doesn’t go to the top floor to begin with, went out and bought her own engagement ring and then planted stories in the media that Scandrick proposed to her.
A source connected to the Draya disaster told Love B. Scott  Draya faked the entire engagement, leaving Scandrick to play the figurative janitor who had to go back and mop up the massive public relations mess that Draya created.
“She bought the ring and her publicist planted the story,” the source told Draya. “[Orlando] didn’t propose. He has been trying to sort it out and figure out how to get the f— away from her for months! She wouldn’t leave his house and was acting [like a] squatter.”
Talk about being put on full furnace blast. But Draya Michele didn’t stop there. She even involved the jeweler in her crazy concoction of a plot that blew up in her face.
“She used allll her coins on it. And promised that jeweler he would get media attention blah blah blah.”
Many folks already thought that Draya Michele was not cooking with a full can of grease. But now their disgust of her has gone to another level.

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