Drama Developing: Bobbi Kristina casket pic sold for over $100K

It’s not personal. It’s just business.
We guess that’s the attitude of the buyer of the Bobbi Kristina death photo.

Yes, we’ve just learned that a picture of Bobbi Kristina‘s body, lying in her casket, has been sold to a media outlet and the bidding went well into the six figures, according to TMZ.

According to our sources, someone snapped a pic of BK during the viewing, which took place the day before the funeral. We’re told the winning offer topped the $100,000 mark.
Our sources say members of the Brown and Houston families are blaming each other for the pic, which was snapped despite all the precautionary measures.

As you can imagine, the accusations are now flying, mostly from the Brown family towards the Houstons who they blame for the photo of Whitney lying in her casket in 2012.
Developing …

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