Dr. Dre racially profiled, handcuffed after racial road rage outside his own home

How is this for being racially profiled? Dr. Dre just experienced this weird and scary event at his house.
A stranger parks in front of you home, blocks your entrance to your driveway, and curses you out when you ask them to move just so that you can park in your own home. When the white man continues to hurl profane language at you, you pull out your cell phone out to record the conversation for your own protection. The white man then goes racial on you and calls the police and you are the one who gets handcuffed. At your own home.
This is what happened to Dr. Dre, one of the most celebrated rap producers of all time, at his home in Malibu, Calif., just outside Los Angeles.

Sources close to Dre, born Andre Young, said the motorist had pulled off the famous Pacific Coast Highway and stopped in front of Dre’s driveway entrance to his house. When Dre asked him to move, the man did but he hurled expletives at Dre as he did it.

Even with Dre in his driveway, but the other driver kept yelling — so Dre pulled out his phone to record video.

Dre says the guy barked out, “Here we go again, another black guy with a gun.” So he called the Los Angeles County Sheriffs and told them that Dre pulled a gun on him.

When deputies responded they slapped handcuffs on the Doc and searched him. We’re told they found no gun, and let him go. Still, the guy insisted on making a citizen’s arrest, which means he filled out a report detailing his allegations.

The Sheriff’s Dept. will forward that to the District Attorney who will then decide whether there’s a case.

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