“Don’t Waste Your Pretty” Premieres on TV One.

Don’t Waste Your Pretty” follows a group of friends as they attempt to deal with the ebbs and flows of their love lives. Inspired by the best-selling book by award-winning author Demetria Lucas, “Don’t Waste Your Pretty” tackles dating and relationships at various points of life.

Starring Kerri Hilson (Mykah), Redaric Williams (Michael), Deborah Joy Winans (Jeanne), Jasmine Burke (Aisha), Kaye Singleton (Amma), and Rainey Branch (Lisa), the film centers around a group of friends and their various entanglements on love’s journey.

Don't Waste Your Pretty Chicago DefenderMykah is a single, successful but rigid overthinker. After her friends give her a copy of the book “Don’t Waste Your Pretty” as a birthday gift, she decides to test the waters and begin dating again. Her brother, Michael, is a successful civil rights attorney known for being a ladies’ man. Jeanne is a recent divorcee still struggling with the end of her marriage. She is convinced that a relationship is not in the cards for her life. These friends lean on one another throughout the film for support, encouragement, funny anecdotes, and wisdom.

“Don’t Waste Your Pretty” fell short with some of the performances. Kerri Hilson, at times, felt devoid of personality while portraying a woman focused on her career instead of her love life. Her acting was as rigid as the character she plays. The friendship and potentially romantic relationship between Michael and Jeanne was a nice switch from some of the typical relationships portrayed in the film. They are good friends who know each other inside and out, displaying an intimacy between the two. It becomes a great foundation as they explore whether to move forward with their romance. The relationship between couple Aisha and Amma was also pleasant to watch. The lesbian couple is in the early stages of adopting a child while balancing their professional lives. Aishia provides much of the sassy and most real moments of the film.

“Don’t Waste Your Pretty” is sure to be a lighthearted film enjoyed by friends over glasses of wine with interesting conversations, but I would recommend viewers read the book first. It is better.

Don’t Waste Your Pretty airs on TV One.

Danielle Sanders is a writer and journalist living in Chicago. Find her on social media @DanieSandersOfficial.

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