Don Lemon slammed for needing more evidence in Spring Valley police beating of black teen

spring valley girl
Don Lemon placed himself in the middle of another firestorm after he appeared to defend the police officer Ben Fields who mauled and pummeled an African American teen student at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S.C.
A cellphone video showed Fields grabbing the girl’s neck because she allegedly refused to leave the classroom. The officer then slammed her to the ground with the desk, then yanked her from the desk, dragged her to the other side of the room, then straddled her back before handcuffing her.
Federal prosecutor Sonny Hostin vehemently and resoundingly retorted to Lemon that the evidence is in the video.
A herd of angry Twitter users stampeded all over Lemon for seemingly taking it light on the officer, claiming that he needed more evidence despite the horrific video.
“Sunny, before we run out of time. What we’re seeing as everybody has said, it looks disturbing. But you want to know more because if this officer is indeed, if he does anything wrong, you don’t want him to get away with anything because you did not get all the information. You want to see everything in context.”
Twitter was not trying to hear it and immediately tore into Lemon’s carcass with relentless abandon.




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