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Dear Dr. Karen

I am currently going through a divorce that I initiated. I have also, started a relationship with another woman. The problem is, I went to my ex’s house to pick up our two young children and she begged me to have sex with her one last time. I was a stupid irresponsible idiot and had sex with her.

About a month later, she told me she was pregnant. I’m angry because I’m sure she planned this to make me take her back. I know I’m partly to blame because no one put a gun to my head.

I want to grow in my relationship with this other woman but I’ve lost her trust. She wants to be with me, but she is having a difficult time in getting through this and I don’t blame her.

You’re not even out of one bed yet and you’re in another? You chose the wrong head to think with this time. The last thing you are going to get from a woman who “begs” for unprotected sex is to be left alone. Have you ever heard the saying, desperate times call for desperate measures? She got what she wanted and you gave it to her.

Your girlfriend has every right to mistrust you. She has no guarantee that you won’t be “begged” again by your wife to have sex again. It is up to her to decide whether or not to continue this relationship. You do have the option of DNA testing to ensure the baby is yours. In the meantime, use your brain cells not your sperm cells.

How many of you have had sex with your ex and regretted it later? Sometimes we just get caught up huh!

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