Did She Ever Cross?! Tiny Throws Up Delta and AKA Greek Signs


Uh oh!

Who does Tiny think she is throwing up the Greek signs of the Deltas and the AKAs?

Is the lil lady tryin’ to start somethin’?!

Tiny was photographed throwing up both signs with AKAs and Deltas seemingly not minding. But those who are not in the photo might not take too kindly to it.

A social media user commented and posted, “when did Tiny become an honorary Delta and AKA?” And that’s the question that’s waiting to be answered.

Deltas, AKAs and any other black green organization within the Divine Nine take their signs and Greek traditions very seriously.

Therefore, this could be deja vu — being that Tiny isn’t the first black celebrity to throw up a Greek sign while not belonging to the sisterhood. Remember what happened with Fantasia?!

Fantasia thought it was cool to express how much she admired the Deltas; she threw up their sign and received a warm amount of backlash for her effort, according to MadameNoire.

She said she would stop at nothing to become a member of the Deltas yet they didn’t take it as a compliment at all. She was criticized until she had no choice, but to apologize.

So it’s only a matter of time to see if anyone will be offended from Tiny’s actions from the viral photo. Let the social criticism begin!
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