Did Diddy and Cassie Just Get Engaged? [PICS]

Diddy Cassie
Wait hold up are we missing something or did we see what we think we just saw?! According to TMZ, from the looks of Puffy Diddy Daddy‘s Instagram account there might have been an engagement between Diddy and longtime love interest Cassie that we all missed!
Take a look at what Diddy posted below!
Diddy posted the pic and said,

“Baby do you like it? I just want to get you what you Like! I just wanna Make you smile :)”

To which Cassie responded,

“It’s perfect!”

We guess it would be one thing if it wasn’t just a pic of a ring on Instagram  but a pic of  a real ring that we were talking about. But then there was this pic that hours later, Keyshia Cole posted of Cassie with what appears to be a huge ring on her left hand!  Take a look!
We don’t know…but if that ISN’T an engagement ring…then what must an engagement ring from Diddy freakin look like! Wow! Guess we have to wait and see! But either way Cassie is doing great in life! Get em girl!
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