Denver Bronco's Take Home the Super Bowl Prize

Denver Bronco’s Take Home the Super Bowl Prize

Cam Newton  meets up with Payton Manning
Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers  meets up with Payton Manning of the Denver Broncos

by Kai EL’ Zabar

Cam Newton began with the coin toss, “Tails,” he said and got it.  But from there it went down hill.

Cam Newton ran to the wrong tunnel at halftime.
                         Cam Newton ran to the wrong tunnel at halftime.

*Though Peyton Manning didn’t play his best game he still gets to ride home in the sunset.  Bronco’s scored 24 to the Panther’10.

*Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak makes history being the first coach to win the SupBowl title for the team he played for .  He is the 40th  Head Coach to win 

*Von Miller Bronco MVP player.  

*The win marked  Peyton Manning’s  200th Career win.

After the game Peyton Manning said publicly, ‘that he didn’t want to make an emotional decision tonight  but rather deal with some priorities like,’ . . . “Go kiss my wife, drink a few beers and celebrate with the time, Thank God for the opportunity and the rest I’ll mull over.”

So the fat lady hasn’t sung even though it was implied  yet and fans will be waiting  to hear  his plan  soon. Many expect that he will because he turns 40 next month and its a young man’s game.  He is quoted as  saying, “I’m a realist. This could be it. I’m aware of that.”

Of course he has to reflect, its been a challenging season for the superstar. He battled plantar fascists, declining skills; he endured  being replaced by Brock Osweiler and a shocking HGH report–only to recover his job, so winning and being able to walk away on top is not a bad decision.

Still it’s a happy ending  for the team after their Saturday night pre game meeting where Manning and DeMarcus Ware got choked up when addressing the team.

“Both were very emotional and near tears,” team president Joe Ellis told the media.

Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak addressed the team first, telling them what the game meant to him.

“He told them he loved them,” Ellis said.

Kubiak laid out a blueprint for how the team could beat the Carolina Panthers in all three phases of the game, then turned over the lectern to Manning first, then Ware. 

Apparent they worked the plan and the plan worked.

“Peyton told a few jokes to lighten the mood,” Ellis said, “but then he got very emotional [when talking about what the game meant to him]. And so did DeMarcus. The room was silent. It was a very emotional gathering.”

Saturday  night Manning did not say to the team whether it would be his last game nor did he say so Sunday after the team’s win.

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