Dennis Rodman returns to U.S. amid criticism over his new BFF Kim Jong Un


NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman is back in the United States amid much criticism after his trip to North Korea to meet leader Kim Jung Un.

Rodman came under fire after declaring that the leader of a country notorious for its prison camps is a ‘great guy.’

“I’m not apologizing for him. He was a great guy to me. He was my friend. I don’t condone what he does. But as a person to person, he’s my friend,” Rodman said on ABC News “This Week.”

Rodman and his companions are the only Americans known to have met the North Korean leader.

The Obama administration responded to Rodman’s trip by saying North Korea should be focused on the well-being of its citizens rather than ‘celebrity sporting events.’

“North Korea ought to be focusing on its own citizens and opportunities to improve their lives and the United States has channels of communication directly to the DPRK and those are the channels we choose to employ,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Monday during the White House press briefing.

How is it that an eccentric basketball star making more headway than the U.S. Government? Is the  criticism against Rodman valid?

OutFront tonight: Olympic medalist Ato Boldon, Politico’s Ben Smith and CNN Contributor Reihan Salam.

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