Democratic Candidate Ameya Pawar Drops From Illinois Governor's Race

Alderman Ameya Pawar has officially dropped out of the Illinois governor’s race. The 47th Ward alderman ran a solid platform addressing racial disparity, social injustice and fighting for fair economic empowerment among the middle class. Bringing on Cairo mayor, Tyrone Coleman as his running mate for lieutenant governor in late August was considered the first multicultural pairing to run for the state’s highest public office.  Pawar, the son of Asian Indian immigrants was the first American Indian gubernatorial candidate to run for Illinois governor.

Mayor of Cairo, Tyrone Coleman and Ameya Pawar PHOTO: Mary L. Datcher

Democratic gubernatorial candidates respond to Ameya Pawar’s pulling from the race.
Daniel Biss:
“Ameya Pawar ran an incredible campaign that elevated the effects of systemic inequality on working families. Illinois and the Democratic Party are better for it, but we still have a long way to go. Good candidates are being pushed out of races by big money and insiders. If you care about democracy, this should be unacceptable.
“As a father, I know how tough campaign life can be. Thanks to Charna and Sigalit for sacrificing so that Ameya can serve the people of Illinois. And thank you to Ameya’s supporters for the energy and commitment they’ve shown to progressive politics this year. Ameya, you’ve been a friend for years, and I’m especially proud to call you a friend this year. Today is hard, but I hope you’re proud of the campaign you’ve run.”
Chris Kennedy:
“Ameya Pawar is a committed public servant motivated by social justice. We thank him for giving voice to the people of Illinois who have been left behind by a failed government that benefits a wealthy and well-connected few. Ideas and solutions from a thoughtful, progressive leader like Alderman Pawar are critical to the future of our state. We should all be disappointed in a system where money is driving people out of politics and, in turn, silencing conversations that drive change.”
Ameya Pawar speaks at CTU Our Revolution gubernatorial forum, Oct. 8 at CTU Training Center. PHOTO: Mary L. Datcher

JB Pritzker:
“I want to thank Ameya Pawar for being a part of this race and running a positive campaign focused on our party’s progressive values,” said JB Pritzker. “Ameya made the race for our state’s highest office a real conversation about the issues that affect all Illinoisans—increasing public school funding, providing universal child care and paid family leave, creating jobs through investing in infrastructure, and reforming our criminal justice system. With his running mate, Mayor Tyrone Coleman, this was a ticket that focused on how we can lift up communities from Chicago to Cairo.”
There are currently seven Democratic candidates remaining in the race for primary victory; Daniel Biss, Bob Daiber, Tio Hardiman, Chris Kennedy, Robert Marshall, Alex Paterakis and JB Pritzker.


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