Dear Chat Daddy, Most people have no idea that I’m a male when they meet me

Dear Chat Daddy, I’m a 26-year-old gay male who is also a female impersonator.

Dear Chat Daddy,

I’m a 26-year-old gay male who is also a female impersonator. Most of the time when people meet me they have no idea that I’m a male. I met a nice guy about a month ago. He’s a 24-year-old straight guy who’s in school getting his degree, has his own home and I thinks he’s in love with me. He and I talk for hours on end and we have never done anything more than kiss. I’m ready for this relationship to become serious, but I’m afraid that my new boyfriend will not accept the true me. How should I confess about my little secret?

-I Will Change Your Mind

Dear I Will Change Your Mind,

Let’s start with being honest: You being a man dressed as a woman is not a little secret. I’m not passing judgment on you, but you are being really deceitful in many ways. Please reveal your true self to him now before it’s too late. He might already know and might be curious. Telling this man the truth is the best thing to do because you are playing a dangerous game. Please be careful how and where you tell him because if he was not aware and/or is homophobic, this could turn into something quite ugly. There’s nothing wrong with being who you want to be, but you must be very careful when you are playing with someone else’s sexual preference and emotions. Good luck on your journey, but I hope that this experience will teach you to start being honest with yourself first before setting out to change someone else. Be encouraged.

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