Between these Mountains

I escape the reality of hate and racism, to a kinder place one of love.
Germany is a country no bigger than Texas, but divided in 16 bundesländer or small states and each with its own set of laws.
Like America, it’s a country with its problems with its hate groups.
It can at times be a challenge holding back, but you would be fighting every day.
This is a land of struggling interest, on one side there is a small group that welcomes change, and a new Germany that distances itself from its stormy history.
Then there is the majority, young and old that are proud to be white Germans, and this is where people like me struggle.
They are blind to what you have to offer, you are of no value to them.
Let me make this clear, there are open minded Germans with a welcome mat for foreigners. But depending on where you are living, finding them can be very hard if not impossible.
I struggle everyday with closed mindedness, based on hate and ignorance.
As one customer told me, “I never knew there were black doctors I thought that was make believe only on TV”. His reality was there were none.
No Police to be seen, no firemen to be found, and no professionals lawyers or men of color in suits.
It’s a closed society, and the few people I have met of color who have advanced degrees, leave to find work outside of here.
If you have a last name that says you are not German, even if you are born here the doors are closed. They have written about this problem, in hopes that there will be a solution, but usually it’s simply lip service to say they have made an effort to correct this problem.
I never seen the type of racism in America that is found here. As one person told me it simply is the way of life here there is little interest in mixing. Our class system will not allow foreigners to climb the ladder and when they do usually its a woman. Men are not welcomed.
When I hear this, It’s quite frighting to think these are the same people immigrating to America, with hateful views of Black people. Again not all but too many.
Nazism is on the rise young people are proud to protect their history even with its horrific past.
Have no doubts 70 years after the war Hitler is still alive and doing well here.
I wrote this poem as I watched the rain drop on this lovely place.
Here with Him
I come here, when my reality is no more, and the monster of hate is too consuming.
I come here, when the voice of love is hidden behind tall walls of fear,
and I dare not look inside at who I might be, for fear they’ve robbed my soul.
I come here, when I’ve lost my faith in mankind, and need a steady hand.
And between these mighty walls, I find my mind in perfect harmony with God and see the man I am.
I breath the clean clear air not polluted with words of hate.
I taste the freshness of the mountain mist, as it drifts in the morning air.
I hear the eagles calling out as the morning sun breaks the dew.
Here between these mighty arms of god, I watch the clouds move in perfect harmony,  and here I find the essence of who I am, and why I am here.
I look out at all god has made and realize, I’m here to share love, even when all seems lost, and hate is all I see, for the devil shall not win this battle.

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