Cupid, Creator of CuRobiks, Shares His TOP 10 Fitness Tips Exclusively with EURweb!

Cupid is more than just an entertainer/recording artist. He’s also a fitness guru. And his CuRobiks training system is sweeping the nation by storm!
Speaking of which, Cupid has sold over 20,000 units independently, has over 25 trainers in the US and over 250,000 people have attended his classes.
It’s a contagious movement and every person who attends later returns with friends!
Cupid shares his top 10 fitness tips below! Get ready to work off that turkey dinner!

  1. Rest is the most important part of training. Get adequate sleep.
  2. Drink a gallon of water a day
  3. Stretch no matter how much of a rush you are in. This will prevent cramping later
  4. Stay off your phone. NO SOCIAL MEDIA IN BETWEEN workouts
  5. Daily cardio. A lot of people especially guys underestimate the importance of cardio. I run 2 miles before any workout.
  6. Never train heavy without a spotter. Injuries set you back so much further.
  7. Be precise with every move and movement. Going through the motions is a no no. Execution is important.
  8. Cool down. It’s important to to bring that heart rate Down.
  9. Track your progress. It will keep you wanting more. Results are addictive
  10. Don’t waste your workouts. Meanings don’t get a honey bun or chips after you have gained so much ground on your fitness journey.

Cupid is motivated to bring CuRobiks to every gym in the US and abroad!  Currently the DVD is being sold on his website
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