CTU President, Karen Lewis Gives Statement on Death of Teacher


The Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis released a statement today in response to the death of a teacher, killed Thursday, May 29.
Gwendolyn Brooks High School special education teacher Betty Howard was fatally shot by a stray bullet. She was at a real estate office Thursday night in the 700 block of East 79th Street when the stray bullets were fired from outside.  
Here’s what Lewis had to say:

“On behalf of the CTU, it is with a heavy heart that I express sincere condolences to Betty Howard’s family and the teachers, administrators, staff and students of Gwendolyn Brooks High School. We were deeply saddened at hearing the news of Betty’s death, who was one of our members and a beloved and respected part of her school community. I visited the principal and staff at Gwendolyn Brooks this morning who are doing their best to stay strong for the children, but are devastated at the loss of their colleague and friend.
“Our fallen sister brings to mind the loss that we all feel for every child and adult who lives in the city and is a victim of deadly violence. The seemingly random nature of this incident makes it all the more painful, and highlights the attention that must be given to neighborhoods where people face these tragedies on a daily basis.
“Betty’s death is an enormous loss of someone who meant so much to others, especially through her work as a special education teacher serving children with unique needs who required exceptional care. Betty provided that care—for everyone—and in this time of sorrow, our hearts and thoughts are with her family and school community.”

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