Creative Minds Steps Out of the Box

Inside the Mall on Jewelers Row two young black men are thinking outside the box and creating custom jewelry. Brandon Sellers, also known as “Bliggz Da Jeweler,” and Adonnis Moore make up Creative Minds Jewels, Inc. The pair have been together less than a year but their clientele boasts the likes of singers Syleena Johnson and Maurice Joshua, radio personality Dana D’Vine and TV personality Val Warner.

“Some people, when we tell them we’re black jewelers, they think we’re joking,” Bliggz said.

Bliggz said he learned how to make jewelry nine years ago when he was also in the music industry. He met singer Syleena Johnson while he was working with Mike Dunn, a well-known house music producer and DJ. Moore had been making bracelets and met Bliggz through a friend and decided to partner up. So, when Bliggz and Moore started Creative Minds, they reached out to the singer.

“We’re just blessed and humbled to do what we do,” Moore said.

The pieces are made out of precious metals and gemstones. And, their aim is to bring the customers’ ideas to life. “We design, you shine, we bring anything to life,” Moore said. “Every time we make a signature piece there’s always a meaning behind it.”

So far, they have created 50 to 55 custom pieces. People hear about them through word of mouth, as well as social media. “We really want to step out of the box and create our own lane,” Bliggz said. “We’re just on the tip of the iceberg.”

Part of stepping out of the box is the creation of a Caravaca Cross. It is a double bar cross, with angels on each side of the cross. “It has never been done by Hip Hop jewelers,” Bliggz said.

They are also working on a wedding piece for client Maurice Joshua, for whom they also made an engagement ring. “We specialize in everything you can think about,” Bliggz said.

One way they stay competitive is by offering low prices. Bliggz said the clients know they will also get the best deal. “It’s always better to have a private, custom jeweler,” he said.

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