Controversy: Man Wears Ray Rice Costume to Halloween Party (Watch)

Man Wears Ray Rice Costume to Halloween Party

The man pictured above went to a Halloween party depicting a real-life domestic violence scandal. He dressed as Ray Rice dragging his wife Janay Palmer Rice.

The incident in tasteless reference is Baltimore Ravens‘ Rice knocking out his wife unconscious in an elevator and then dragging her out — all caught on video!

The man dressed up like the running back gripping the hair of a blow-up doll, which was later shared with Reddit’s Too Soon and generated a lot of controversy.

One commenter responded with, “you’re right, this is way too soon.” And another said, “this is disgusting. What part of a woman being knocked out unconscious is funny/appropriate for Halloween? Stop.”

Unfortunately there were other commenters who found the photo depicting domestic violence to be humorous — one of which brought racism into the discussion. “But how can I pull off Blackface, become unemployed, and shrink 3 inches?”

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