Progressive, Opinionated and Righteous

How Finding Humanity in the Headlines is challenging old rhetoric conversations within our community

On a Friday afternoon, Chicagoland AM airwaves are filled with 2 brilliant yet different black men exchanging dialog. Such topics are subjective and extremely varied. From current wars (Russia/Ukraine, Civil unrest in Egypt/Lebanon) updates to the continuous Southside Food Desert, showrunners Atiba Buchanan and David Seaton stay connected. Current events, political climates, or business ventures, The Buchanan and Seaton Show (Fridays 3 pm to 6 pm CST on WVON 1690AM, IHeart Radio App) is on a narrative expansion mission to change conversations within our communities.

Not necessarily, professional political pundits, these gentlemen are well versed in global policies from past to present day. Liberal-ish Buchanan feels it’s important (for our communities) to realize the cause and effect of power with decision-makers, lobbyists, and lawmakers with congressional members. A semi moderate left-winger, Seaton’s mindset is someone forging their own way without government assistance. To him, the days of blaming, finger-pointing, and excuses are out the window. He says we have a moment, a new opportunity to pull from our bootstraps to our defined success. Buchanan is a small opponent of this thought process.

Although in somewhat agreement with Seaton, Buchanan feels there is still a long way before the playing field is leveled (for us to compete/established as our Caucasian brethren).  These spirited chats have been happening for over 10 plus years. What began as simple exchanging ideas phone calls turned into hours-long discussions of conservative, opinionated and righteous POVs.

Buchanan laughs at his journey into the Radio Universe. Hitting a crossroads in his previous career, he attended Illinois Media School to pursue his communications dream.  Interning with Radio Legend Cliff Kelly, Buchanan had an idea to bring their phone debates to a broader audience. With collegiate-educated and professional businessman Seaton, it was a no-brainer.  With the Absence of the Travis Smiley Show and program changes at BET and other Black affiliated sites, there was a true need for a voice to continue educating (the community) with correct information. The show is not your average one-trick pony just about political events. Past guests that have graced their spots include business entrepreneurs and legendary entertainers with award-winning activists.

Notable appearances include:

  • Dr. Willie Wilson, current mayoral candidate, and serial Chicago businessman
  • Dr. Algernon Austin, former Director of The Economic Policy Institute in Washington DC
  • Grammy Award Winner Singer/Songwriter Eric Roberson
  • Activist Kenyette Barnes, one of the Founder’s of the #MuteRKelly Movement

With social media engagement, Buchanan and Seaton want to integrate younger generation voices with established elders. Both believe that these conjunctions would open up much-needed talks containing solutions for issues plaguing neighborhoods.  As this happens consistently, young and seniors would see more common ground than previously thought.

Initially broadcasting on Friday evenings from 9 pm to Midnight CST, listeners would call in from all over the country thanks to IHeart Radio App. Since moving to a new time slot (3 pm to 6 pm), rates have steadily climbed upward thanks to the afternoon rush prime time slot. Global social media users are tuning in thanks to Instagram and live video feeds on Facebook. Callers constantly fill their phone line with fantastic POVs, wonderful experiences, and yes, their endless opinions.

Even with the onset of COVID-19 restrictions, this show managed to stay afloat. They even adapted virtual interviews to continue their global outreach tactics. Now with the real possibility of overturning Roe vs Wade, women’s healthcare in the crosshairs, first Black Woman Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court and Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lisa Holder White, skyrocketing mortgage rates with predatory lending, Well Fargo exposure of minority loan denials and controversial Eminem Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction just to name a few, The Buchanan and Seaton Show will have plenty of topics to break down. And, that’s perfectly alright with them.

Listen to The Buchanan and Seaton Show Fridays from 3 pm to 6 pm CST on WVON.COM Radio dial 1690AM or thru IHeart Radio App from Google Play or Apple Store on all streaming devices.




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