Congressman Bennie Thompson “Absolutely” Endorses Mayor Lightfoot

Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson, who led the special House Jan. 6 committee, took a swipe at Donald Trump, endorsed Mayor Lori Lightfoot and then waded into Chicago politics Friday during his keynote at Chicago’s interfaith breakfast honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

It wasn’t a campaign event but highlighted how the intensifying mayoral campaign is penetrating public discourse at every turn ahead of the Feb. 28 election. Thompson warned against “charlatans” who speak out “in the spirit of Martin,” saying they were the same critics who spoke out against King…

Turning to the mayor, Thompson said, “If you want to make enemies, try to change thing’s. Was he endorsing Lightfoot, we asked after his speech? “Absolutely,” Thompson said. Wading into Chicago politics: Thompson went on to needle opponents to Lightfoot’s plan to open a Chicago school to migrants.

“We are now the melting pot in this city. We are Black and brown, and we are everything. So we have to get along,” Thompson said, adding that when migrants “out of desperation” land in Chicago “we have to open our arms and say welcome. If we have to open a school to welcome immigrants, then we open the school — especially if the school is empty. You understand?”

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