COMMENTARY: Scripting Our Own Narrative

Scripting Our Own Narrative By Carl D. West

Now is the time for Black pride to really take shape and for voices to be heard. This madness in Charlottesville, as horrific as it has been, is an opportunity for Blacks to showcase their strength and courage to the world, who blindly or unwillingly, didn’t wanna accept minority’s claim of blatant racism and bigotry. Most of the world wanted to present through mass media that Black’s assertion of being discriminated against in the 21st Century was in our wildest imagination, only. 

Charlotte, NC – September 18, 2016: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) walks off the field at Bank of America Stadium with his fist up in the air after their game against the Panthers.(Gerry Melendez for ESPN)

After this public display of rioting and head bashing bigots, injuring and even killing others, the world now knows that these kinds of people and actions exist. Can you imagine how many innocent minorities have been sent to prison because I’m sure some of these bigoted people in those crowds are judges, prosecutors and lawyers? Some are even police officers who’ve arrested and falsely charged Blacks and Latinos. 

Today, unfortunately that really doesn’t matter, they seem to have a much bigger problem than the Negro or Hispanic race. These people who belong either publicly or privately to hate groups around this country must now deal with their own reality; and Black folks must immediately deal with theirs. Black folks must examine this scenario and figure out their end game. Because it appears that America wants to insert all races into this fight to cleanse the world of so-called outsiders. 

 What’s really disturbing is the fact that these young adults who were in the crowd showing increased rage had to be raised by someone who probably feels and acts the exact same way. It’s either their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, or their community who have assisted in their bigoted trained behavior. These new born radicals and Neo Nazis along with the Alt Right and White Nationalists have opened up a Pandora’s Box, and America has exploded with confusion, shock and shame. And the global world is beginning to further question America and its pretentious morality as this great nation. 

 How can this storied country claim supremacy when deep in its core are millions of White supremacists waiting to be unleashed? Here’s a country vehemently bashing a man who only claimed the notion of racism and injustice when he decided to kneel when the “National Anthem” was played at professional football games. And these same legions of disgruntled people who denounced him are the same individuals who are now burning the flag and screaming down with America.

Colin Kaepernick is now a hero and the voice of the voiceless for standing tall in his beliefs. These racist fanatics are the ones who should be banned from LIFE! They never should be allowed to work in major corporations, attend public schools, travel freely throughout the world or even cast votes. Because we see what happened when they  hurriedly ran to the ballot box–we got Mr. Trump. 

I see this as a time for Blacks or any other racial group who feels betrayed or abused by America to utilize this sad occasion to reclaim this country and demand an apology and reparations for decades of neglect and abandonment. But I know sweet home USA will not rise to the occasion. Therefore Blacks should utilize their vast resources and intellectual capital to write a new narrative. It’s time to script the playbook that Blacks wanna see and not allow mainstream media or others to decide Negroes’ faith in this country. 

For far too long this nation has written unflattering narratives of Blacks being unworthy of holding leadership positions, lacking the skills to be CEOs, owners and majority partners or even having equal equity in the building of this nation’s future. Today is the time when Blacks educate their young and thank and protect their elders for their wisdom and determination to withstand decades of bigotry. It’s time to prepare the next generation of leaders to fight side by side with other races to denounce these bigoted acts of hatred against all men, women and children. 

Regardless the outcome of this tragedy, which has caused so much attention and conversation, it’s not about Donald Trump and his alleged racist past or present. It’s about the historic prejudice that the Plymouth Rock landed on Black and Brown people in this country for so many years. Blaming Trump is an easy escape route. But the (majority) in this country must accept the responsibility of turning a blind eye to this hatred filled nation that (they’ve) called home and profited from their entire lives. 

It’s time for Blacks to snatch this opportunity to make good on what has been rightfully ours in terms of equality and justice for the many who have suffered at the hands of this racist nation. Our story must be written so that we will not be infused into these unkind chapters of history books without our permission. I will not be surprised if these misguided chapters are scratched from the footnotes for future generations to examine. But thank God we have the 

Black press to tell the story of Black lives that matter most! 



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