Comer Education Campus Stays Connected

In the midst of uncertainty, Comer Education Campus stays committed to provide meaningful education and enrichment programs for our youth and our community, through virtual learning experiences that educates, inspires, and ignites creativity!  From the moment Comer Education Campus (CEC) was forced to modify its operations and services provided to its youth members and families, they leveraged their talents to develop a virtual learning center focused on minimizing the education loss that would be endured by our young people.  Since then, the virtual learning center has evolved into a SPACE that provides connectivity, communication, and creative expression opportunities for our young people to thrive during this challenging time!

Virtual Programs

Virtual Senior Hang-Out (DAILY) From 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM, come by the virtual hang-out with questions or concerns or just to chat. CEC & UtmostU are hosting these open virtual meetings every day!

Virtual Activities Calendar: If youth are interested in Robotics, Digital Design, Fitness with Paris, Little Bites with Chef Jon, Music, or other programs visit

Visual Arts “Art Showcase”

The Arts Apprenticeship is an After-School Matters program that is part of Youth Employment opportunities at the Gary Comer Youth Center. The purpose of this program is to engage young people interested in the visual arts and careers within the arts and help them earn work experience and a stipend. The teens engage in a variety of collaborative projects and individual projects that result in amazing showcases throughout the year. One example is the Haunted House Project, which is part of the Halloween Fest annual event at GCYC, the students build a haunted house from scratch with a movie theme, real actors, and multiple rooms/caves. Other examples include summer murals and the holiday card project. This program is designed to be an outlet for creative youth and help build entrepreneurship skills.

Youth Counseling Program

In response to the COVID-19 crisis,  the youth counseling program, which serves all youth in the building by providing in-person counseling sessions and therapeutic groups as well as referrals to resources to support families, has continued its work by moving online to provide counseling virtually.

Comer’s team of youth counseling professionals has been working to ensure the continued stability and reliability of mental health and wellness supports to our members through individual and family counseling sessions and has worked to ensure families are connected to critical resources in our community at a time when they could not be more needed.

Located on Chicago’s South Side,  the Comer Campus is anchored by the state-of-the-art Gary Comer Youth Center, Gary Comer College Prep, and Gary Comer Middle School.  From environmental science to robotics, the campus offers an educational experience like none other in Chicago.   For questions, please contact Santrice R. Martin, Director of Advancement at



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