COLUMN: How to Maximize the Next 6 Months and Achieve Your Goals

Imagine it being July and you’re completely satisfied with the way your year has gone. Now, imagine it being July and you aren’t.

Two things can be true. You can navigate in the same manner or you can find a new approach. If it’s not broken don’t fix it, but if it is then give it the maintenance that it deserves.

The next six months have the potential to completely change the trajectory of your life. Why wouldn’t you want to test that out?

Making Your Goals Real

There are tons of ways to lock in and regain focus. Making a list of what you’d like to accomplish could be a helpful way of setting your goals instead of just imagining them.

In fact, New York Times bestselling author and leadership training guru Mark Murphy advises that you should write out your goals as vividly as possible.


“Vividly describing your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success,” Murphy wrote in this Forbes article.

A friend of mine turned my list into a creative wallpaper in January, and seeing it every time I look at my phone keeps me motivated. I told him that I wanted to release an audiobook by the end of the year and being reminded of that everyday was a contributing push. I ended up releasing it in February!

I also have “joy” on that list. I’ve found that there is so much power in being intentional about how you want to feel just as much as there is in what you’d like to achieve.

Taking a real look at your availability and dedicating purposeful time to your free moments could also propel you into accomplishing those your next accomplished goals.

Why a Healthy Lifestyle Helps in Accomplishing Goals

The power of a healthy lifestyle is an additional game changer. I believe that when your health is a priority, your goals become your friends. I get some of the coolest ideas when I make time to take a walk or visit the gym.

For example…One of the most critical aspects of achieving a healthy lifestyle is to improve your nutritional intake. Research suggests that eating vegetables, whole fruit, and whole grains can boost your mood and overall well being.

When you are feeling healthy, you are in an optimal space to pursue those goals.

Plus, when you’re healthier, you’re better able to focus.

When things are chaotic, it’s pretty hard to focus. Where there is order, there are more favorable results. Strive for the highest version of everything you desire for yourself.

Be Mindful of How You Feel

Keep in mind the way you feel when you don’t give things your all. Mediocre attempts will only result in half of a dream being fulfilled. Let’s be honest. Nobody wants that. Seeing it in your mind is one thing, but living it in real life is an entirely different experience.

I don’t believe our dreams are a tease. I believe they are a suggestion for the lives we should be living. The hardest dream to have is the one you deem impossible. However, this is more than likely the dream that could change everything for you. Don’t be intimidated by the work it would take to figure it out. Everyone can do what’s easy, no one should do what’s yours.

For the Rest of 2023: It’s Goal Time

It’s important to take a real look at how motivated you feel as well as what motivates you. If you aren’t constantly being inspired, striving for greatness won’t be on your list of things to do.

What we digest is what will come out and what we do is what we’ll see. We have to be intentional with what we feed our minds as well as how we manage our time. Tomorrow isn’t promised so don’t give today the short end of the stick.

Ultimately, you deserve the life you desire. Understand that you can change your circumstance at any point. Never make it a habit to settle. Only make it a habit to grow. With six months left of 2023, this still has the potential to be one of your best years thus far. Cheers to you becoming the you that you believe in.

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