Civil Rights Leaders, Retailers Create ‘Bill Of Rights’ To Protect Black Shoppers

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The list was unveiled to the media during a meeting Monday morning, with Rev. Al Sharpton (pictured center) and executives from Macy’s, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue and other retailers in attendance.
Though Sharpton was pleased with the bill, he warned that it needs NYPD participation to be truly effective. “We cannot have an agreement with the NYPD without the incoming commissioner saying, ‘We agree to that,'” Sharpton said. He has reached out to returning NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton for a meeting.
While Bratton didn’t respond to any calls Monday, a spokeswoman for Bill De Blasio said the city’s next top cop will gladly sit down.
“Mayor-elect De Blasio has said repeatedly that his administration will have zero tolerance for racial profiling of any kind,” Lis Smith said.
Per the bill, any employees who profile customers will be disciplined or fired. In addition, inappropriate language and excessive force in holding suspects is also banned, as employees must “respect the basic civil and legal rights of any person suspected.”
The stores will occasionally undergo tests to ensure compliance, and they are to implement the bill across the country, not just in New York City. The bills need to be “highly visible” in all stores, according to Kirsten John Foy, who runs Brooklyn’s National Action Network chapter.
“We left it to each store to figure out their specifics for posting, but it must be posted in common areas, available upon request and clearly placed on store websites,” he said.
Stores will have to place the information online and in their locations within a week; a few are even planning on promoting the bill through ads.
“The message, I think, is very simple,” said Macy’s VP Ed Goldberg. “We understand the gravity of the situation. . . . We subscribe to the document that’s going to be released by the retail council.”
The bill comes months after a spate of racial profiling charges against Macy’s Herald Square and Barneys NYC. Four Black shoppers claim undercover officers accused them of credit card fraud after making purchases at the stores; two of them would file lawsuits against the chains and the NYPD.
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