Christ Universal Temple Former Minister Reverend Dr. Helen Ward Carry Passes Away.

Christ Universal Temple’s former Executive Minister, the Reverend Dr. Helen Ward Carry, passed away Thursday, April 8, 2021. Rev. Dr. Helen Ward Chicago DefenderReferred to as the Teacher of Teachers and a Living Legend of the New Thought Christian Community, Rev. Dr. Helen Carry was drawn to Christ Unity Temple in 1970 where Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon was senior minister. By 1974, Rev. Dr. Carry developed and directed the Johnnie Colemon Institute (JCI), while assisting with the creation of church systems that are still being successfully implemented decades later. The Johnnie Colemon Institute remains the teaching arm of Christ Universal Temple (CUT).

It was Rev. Dr. Carry’s proven dedication to the study of Truth Principles and divine appointment that prompted Rev. Colemon to assign Rev. Carry as her assistant in 1976. Rev. Carry was later ordained as a Universal Foundation for Better Living (UFBL) minister in 1980 and became an assistant minister at Christ Universal Temple. In 1982, Rev. Colemon sent Rev. Carry to Miami to train and assist the Rev. Mary Tumpkin with the development of the new church, Universal Truth Center.

Rev. Dr. Helen Carry was an iconic spiritual teacher, leader, and mentor. She taught the importance of mastering your subject matter and always being in divine order. Rev. Carry taught through her classroom and more importantly, through her example and commitment, how a minister should serve humanity. She not only taught standards of excellence, she planted the seed within each person she met. Rev. Carry’s teachings and leadership is sewn into the tapestry of CUT and UFBL.

“Everything I experienced prepared me for my work with Johnnie who brought me into her vision of an institution that devoted itself to teaching spiritual principles of better living based on the teachings Jesus lived and taught.” Rev. Dr. Helen Ward Carry


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