Chief Keef's Event Organizer Alki David Strikes Out at Pfleger

Chicago Rapper Chief Keef's Benefit concert in Chicago  for slain toddler postponed.
Chicago Rapper Chief Keef’s Benefit concert in Chicago for slain toddler postponed.

In his way,  Chief Keef was saying he was sorry for the death of the  13 month old Dillan Harris caused by Antione Watkins who was fleeing from the murder  of Keef”s  associate rapper Capo’s when he collided into the stroller that held the toddler by announcing a benefit concert for the child.  Chief Keef was scheduled to perform via hologram for a benefit concert memorializing a toddler. Rumors of the  concert’s postponement landed in the Chicago Tribune   yesterday.  However social media outlets leaked the disgruntled position of Father Michael Pfleger, a pastor at Chicago’s St. Sabina Catholic Church.  According to event organizer Alki David, the postponement followed this opposition to the event from Pfleger and self proclaimed leader of the Black community.

Pfleger’s assumption that violence would erupt out of the set benefit concert speaks to how little he really understands a people he claims to defend. The benefit concert could have contributed to the family’s loss. Money can’t replace the child’s life but it could have helped with the financial burden incurred for funeral services etc., Perhaps he could have made an appeal to the people to go in peace to honor Dillan’s death and celebrate his young life. He offered no alternative only condemned Chief Keef’s music as responsible.

David said, “The meddling, attention seeking Father Pfleger, who bullied the owner of the downtown theater to back out of his contract, will not succeed,”  in an email to the Tribune. “He is exploiting this tragedy and taking money away from the victims and solid charities who are doing good work in Chicago.”

Naturally both Pfleger and the Redmoon Theater representative,  denied speaking to one another. Yet Pfleger adamantly  opposed the concert on Facebook earlier in the week. He wrote: “Instead of having a concert … why doesn’t he man up and acknowledge it’s time to stop this violence and apologize for his part in it!!!!” A Redmoon representative told the Tribune that Pfleger didn’t make direct contact, but that they had not understood, “the full nature of the event.”


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