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Chicago Voters Overwhelmingly Support $15 Minimum Wage In Primary Ballot Question

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Activists pushing for a $15 minimum wage in Chicago are celebrating a big — if largely symbolic — win after voters in Tuesday’s primary election voted by a wide margin in support of a pay hike for the city’s workers.
About 87 percent of Chicago voters who considered the question said the city’s minimum wage should be increased to $15 an hour, the Chicago Tribune reports.
The results are promising for those who back a wage boost, but come with a number of caveats. First, the non-binding advisory referendum was only included on the ballot in about 5 percent of the city’s precincts in the low turnout primary. Second, the referendum only applies to larger corporations and businesses that pull in at least $50 million in gross revenue in a year, leaving smaller employers out of the equation.
Still, wage hike advocates say the results should send a strong message to lawmakers.
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