Will She Or Won’t She Run for Illinois Senate Run


Will Andrea Zopp Run for Illinois Senate Run 

Chicago Urban League President Andrea Zopp
Chicago Urban League President Andrea Zopp




Chicago Urban League President and CEO, Andrea Zopp is considering  the 2016 Illinois U.S. Senate race, she confirmed Friday to NBC 5 Chicago. Although, there was some speculation when the announcement would be made, she didn’t budge as to when she’d announce her decision.

The Chicago Sun-Times first reported Thursday that Zopp, a member of the Chicago Board of Education, would make her announcement. Since then Zopp has remained quiet not letting her thinking  known.

Carol Moseley–Braun, the first African–American woman Senator, also only the second Black Senator since the Reconstruction Era  was a symbolic of  progress, just as Obama was for change.  In fact after her initial election, She said,  “I cannot escape the fact that I come to the Senate as a symbol of hope and change,” shortly after being sworn in to office in 1993. Since then  an African American woman candidate has not entered the Illinois senate race.  

Whether Zopp does or does not throw her hat in the ring is on her but she is known for the excellent leadership she has demonstrated as Chicago Urban League President/CEO.  She’s got a proven track record that supports her efforts to make a difference in how Blacks weigh in on the business, employment, training preparedness, education and entrepreneurial  opportunities. She seeks fairness for all and that’s a great mindset when thinking about entering public service. 

Will the Black community rally around Zopp for her bid for the Senate seat will have to be seen.  Right now, with battle between CTU and CPS, she could become a sitting duck for the criticism ahead with a possible school strike looming if  negations fail to reach an agreement between the two the end of  summer.

U.S. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL,8) has already launched a 2016 Senate bid, meaning she and Zopp will face off in the Democratic primary race. The candidate who wins the Democratic nomination will go against U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), who is seeking re-election.
In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times Friday, Kirk said he’d prefer Zopp as his challenger in the general election.

“Zopp is an easier candidate for me to defeat … Because she’s not as well known,” the Republican senator said, adding that “Tammy is a war hero. She has a great story to tell because she’s given a lot to this country. ” That may be true that Tammy has fought for the country on the war front, but that is not to deny the direct difference that Zopp’s work had made personally in the lives of many.

A Republican, Kirk has begun his push with an empathic commercial ad documenting his struggle from a massive stroke in January 2012 which debuted last week on major television outlets.   And  the question is, really? We can be empathetic towards his experience but that is no reason to elect anyone.

In fact it’s more of a reason not to vote for him. The job of Senator is demanding and stressful. He may want to think again about running.  Duckworth may be considered his strongest  opponent sharing sharing a military background with him but again that’s no reason to vote for a candidate.

An educated and enlightened constituency votes for the leadership and public service the candidate experience has.  So don’t rule out Andrea Zopp yet.

To those who seek leadership Zopp is the better candidate, those who seek nostalgia then go for the war hero, and if yo want more of the same then vote for Kirk. However if you’re going for change and hope go for Zopp if she decides to run.

There’s never a dull moment in Illinois politics.




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