Chicago police warn of violence after release of video car chase, shooting death

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Another day, another extremely questionable police killing of an unarmed black male.
The Chicago Police Department had the audacity to warn of violence in retaliation for opening fire into a moving car, which violates company policy of shooting at cars when it does not present danger to the officers.
Countering their normal mode of operation, Chicago officials on Friday released nine videos showing events leading up to the shooting of O’Neal, 18, last week.
The Chicago police oversight agency said the video footage was “shocking and disturbing.” The slain young man’s family were so wracked with sorrow and horror after viewing videos at the Independent Police Review Authority headquarters Friday morning that they left without doing any interviews.
What has sparked outrage with the public is that the man was shot in the back, meaning that he was fleeing officers not trying to engage them, and that the officer’s body camera is turned off at the point of when the black man is mortally wounded.
The video also shows the officers profanely bragging about shooting O’Neal repeatedly. Moreover, when they caught up with the mortally wounded O’Neal, they showed no compassion for a man who is bleeding to death as they roughly handcuffed him, pushed his head down and let the man lie on the ground for a long time without trying to get medical attention.
And the only thing the Chicago police are worried about is violence after violating so many department policies and, most likely, executing a man unnecessarily?

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