Chicago Police Officer Disciplined Over Playing 'Sweet Home Alabama' At Eric Garner Protest

police car
(Getty Images)

CHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago Police Department says it will discipline an officer who played “Sweet Home Alabama” over a police-cruiser loudspeaker during a march protesting police treatment of African Americans.
The song is considered an anthem to Southern pride but some interpreted his playing of the song during Saturday’s march as racially insensitive.
The department didn’t identify the officer or say how he’ll be disciplined.
The department says in a statement that the officer maintained he played the song because he is a University of Alabama fan. But the department says it can’t condone an act considered “disruptive or disrespectful” to protesters or residents.
Saturday’s march was one of many in response to decisions in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York, not to prosecute white police officers in the deaths of unarmed blacks.


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