Betty Brewer, Chicago Good Samaritan, Saves Little Girl From Attempted Kidnapper


Thanks to a young girl’s quick thinking and a good Samaritan’s no-nonsense attitude, an attempted kidnapping in Chicago was stopped in its tracks.

Chicago resident Betty Brewer was in line at a Rogers Park grocery store Sunday afternoon and about to head home from an overnight shift when 12-year-old Reniah Eubanks ran to a cashier to ask if she could wait inside the store a while.

According to the Tribune, when Brewer overheard the girl say “there’s a man who says he’s taking me home,” she sprang into action.

Outside the store, Reniah pointed the man out, prompting Brewer to call him out. “Oh, are you trying to take the little girl home?” Brewer asked. “What’s up with that?”

Brewer gave the man a good enough scare to where he climbed into his van and drove off — but not before Brewer took note of his license plate, according to CBS Chicago.

Later that day, police arrested Abraham Pierre, 52, and charged him with child abduction and luring, a felony.

“I was so shocked and upset to actually see this. You hear about this every day but to actually see this,” Brewer said. “This is one child that the monsters didn’t get.

Reniah’s family praised Brewer’s willingness to get involved. Brewer, however, brushed off suggestions that she’s a hero telling ABC Chicago,“Nah, I’m just Betty! That’s just what I do.”

Pierre has no prior felony convictions, but a judge ordered him held on $100,000 bond.



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