Over 30 Cultural Centers and Heritage Museums will host 20 Intercultural Programs in Neighborhoods Across the City 
As immigrants’ fears boil and the nation reels amid controversial immigration policies, native and immigrant Cultural Heritage Centers and Museums across Chicagoland are planning “Inherit Chicago”, a month-long festival of music, food and programming promoting cultural understanding, justice and solidarity. “Inherit Chicago” is the city’s only intercultural festival that brings together over 30 cultural centers and heritage museums, members of the Chicago Cultural Alliance, to produce programming in 20 diverse neighborhoods in the region throughout October 2019.
“At a time when many communities are under attack, we as members of the Chicago Cultural Alliance want to band together as a positive force for cultural understanding and solidarity,” said Heather Miller, executive director of the American Indian Center and member of the Alliance. “The events we have created are as dynamic and exciting as our great city, and we’re thrilled to welcome new and old audiences to our centers and museums.”
“Inherit Chicago” kicks off September 29 with the World Dumpling Fest at Navy Pier, in collaboration with the World Music Festival produced by the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. The event will feature performances from global music and local groups, heritage-based artists and of course, dumplings. Twenty neighborhood-based ethnic restaurants in the Chicago region will be featured. The festival then extends to the neighborhoods for 20 intercultural programs and events that span diverse topics and issues from traditional drumming as resistance to a mash-up of classical and Latin music. The festival’s goal is for a wide cross-section of Chicagoans, young and old, newcomers and old-timers, to visit a neighborhood that they may know little about, and through cultural exchange, come to see the bonds that bind and enrich us all.
“’Inherit Chicago’ is a festival created by the incredible cultural heritage institutions that make this city vibrant and interesting,” says Emily Reusswig, executive director of the Chicago Cultural Alliance. “This is an opportunity to visit a place you’ve perhaps never been and engage in a cultural journey that is not only entertaining but enlightening. We want to put Chicagoans in the driver seat of experiencing all of the culture, food, performance, and art that the neighborhoods have to offer.”
Presented by the Chicago Cultural Alliance in collaboration with World Music Festival, by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, City of Chicago
At Navy Pier Polk Bros Fountain & Park, 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago IL 60601
September 29th, 2019 12-7 p.m.
World Music Festival meets the World Dumpling Fest at Navy Pier’s Polk Bros Fountain and Performance Lawn to deliver delicious dumplings, local culture, and global music! The event will feature dumplings of the world from 20 neighborhood-based ethnic restaurants in the Chicago region including Pierogis from Kasia’s Deli, Bao and Sui Mai from Chinese Friendship Restaurant, Coxinha de Galinha and Bolinho de Aipim from Sinha Elegant Brazilian Cuisine & Catering, and more! This all-ages event is a day of celebration of our region and world culture you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for the full lineup of restaurants and cultural art vendors coming in August.


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