Chicago Citywide Literary Coalition’s Illinois Digital Learning Lab Changing The Pathway of Knowledge and Learning Through Advanced Technology in Classrooms

Chicago Citywide Literary Coalition’s (CCLC) Illinois Digital Lab, a community of adult educators teaching programs through new technology methods, are working with 26 adult educators from across Illinois, nine of which are in Chicago, ten in the suburbs, and seven downstate. The Lab’s goal is to experiment with digital tools and technology, through use of tablets, laptops Smartboards and more, to serve the needs of its adult students.

The Lab supports adult educators and their programs to effectively incorporate learning technology in the classroom, facilitate learning communities for educators and support, advise and learn from each other. Lastly, The Lab is able to capture insights about the most effective digital tools, delivery models and support strategies which can be shared across Illinois to help hundreds of others through their own learning endeavors.

Through The Lab project, participants will receive $3,000 in technology for their classrooms. Michael Matos, the Technology Project Manager, has been managing the project which includes providing technical assistance to educators and purchasing the appropriate equipment. Smartboards and virtual reality headsets which all ease the learning process and make learning more fun for all ages!


Kathy Allison is one of the founding members of Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition and still sits on the board of directors and is very involved in the Coalition and its programs. Kathy has been involved in the Illinois Digital Learning Lab since the launch of program in August of 2019.

Kathy has been working with her Subject Matter Expert and her cohort to learn the best teaching methods and practices, and continues to take note of successes at other organizations across the state, implementing these skills to her cohort. As part of the $3,000 participants receive through the IDLL program, Kathy has purchased a SmartBoard for her classroom to help ease the learning process.


Michael manages all of Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition’s technology work, including the Illinois Digital Learning Lab. In IDLL he coordinates all 26 participants and 5 subject matter experts into cohorts and facilitates all meetings and technology purchasing, as well as so much more. He also serves as an expert for the group and is a wealth of knowledge for the IDLL.


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