Charter school supporters rally in downtown Chicago

4-City-USE_Charter_schools_protes.jpgCharter Parents United and its supporters rallied in big numbers Wednesday, May 8, 2013 in downtown Chicago near the Chicago Public Schools headquarters. The group is pushing back against what it considers low funding for charter schools and city leaders call for a moratorium on new charter school startups. Defender/Worsom Robinson

Scores of members of Charter Parents United and supporters converged on downtown Wednesday near the Chicago Public Schools headquarters making their demands known to the school district.

The group wants CPS to provide “all families with the choice of a high-quality and safe public school.”  The group also lambasted the dozens of Chicago aldermen who support a moratorium on the number of charter public schools in the city.

 Ahead of Wednesday’s rally, several of the CPU members spoke at a recent Chicago Board of Education meeting.

“We want to make sure everyone hears our demand for equal treatment loud and clear.  Charter Parents United has gathered over 5000 signatures so far in our petition drive and we will gather thousands more,” said Carlos Green, father of two who lives in West Pullman. 

According to the organization, CPU is made up of families who chose Chicago public charter schools because they feel they offer the best public school education for their children.   

 “Why do our City Council members want to shut the schoolhouse door on what 53,000 students and their families know is the best option for them?  Why do they want to deny the thousands of families on waiting lists the chance to attend a charter school,” said Toni Seas, CPU parent.  “The aldermen should be focusing on what really matters to parents:  providing more high-quality public school options, not less.”

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