Charles Belk Seeks An Automatic Erase for the Innocent

Charles Belk Seeks Automatic Erase For The Innocent

Wrongfully arrested marketing executive and independent film producer, Charles Belk, presented to a panel of Hearing Commissioners on Friday, 9/12/14 at the California-Hawaii State Conference of the NAACP Los Angeles’ Hearing on “Solutions to Police Brutality and Racial Profiling.”
Hearing Commissioners assembled included CA Assemblyman, Reginald Jones-Sawyers, Sr., NAACP National Board Member, Ron Hasson, CA-HI NAACP President, Alice A. Huffman, San Francisco NAACP Branch President, Rev. Amos Brown, and CA-HI NAACP Criminal Justice Chair, Chris Jackson.

“Innocent citizens wrongfully arrested should not be further penalized by having to spend up to $5,000 and take up to 6 months trying to have an arrest record erased,” commented Belk.
“Our petition at, petitions the US Attorney General and all 50 state AGs to require that all arrest records of innocent citizens wrongfully arrested be automatically erase. And we encourage everyone to sign it and share it. Because it affects us all.”
Charles Belk was testifying as a result of being wrongfully arrested and held on $100,000 bail for Armed Robbery by the Beverly Hills Police Department on August 22, 2014 because he “fit the description.” According to Belk, as a result of his presentation to the Hearing Commission, CA Assemblyman Jones-Sawyers and the CA-HI NAACP are taking on the effort to draft legislation to erase false arrest records on innocent citizens wrongfully arrested.
Click here to sign the petition.
Charles Belk takes his battle from the curb side to the Capitol.
Charles Belk takes his battle from the curb side to Capitol Hill.

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