Change: Love It Or Hate It?

Steven Puetzer via Getty Images
Steven Puetzer via Getty Images

How do you feel about change? We generally fall into two camps: those who like change and those who, well, hate it. I personally like change. It keeps me feeling challenged, interested and alive. But if your natural reaction to the idea of making a big shift ranges from mild nausea to all out terror, here are a few things you can do to drop the fear and embrace the change.
Try changing your perspective
Change is growth. Have you learned everything you need to know? Have you tasted everything, experienced everything, attempted everything? Chances are there’s more out there for you. Decide you’re not done yet.
What if… ?
One of the biggest reasons we don’t like change is all the what if’s that come with it. What if it won’t work out? What if it’s the wrong move or the wrong time? What if I lose what I have now? What if I fail? It’s in our nature to worry and wonder about the consequences of making a change. The best way to combat that is to take the what ifs in a positive direction and visualize the best outcome possible. Imagine yourself in your new role, new venture, new opportunity or new relationship and see yourself happy, successful, strong and wise. Or really stretch and open yourself up to the possibility of a new reality that’s even better than the one you could have imagined or hoped for.
Look for the turn signals
When it’s time to change, you’ll get cues. If you pay attention you’ll see the signals and messages telling you you’re ready. When I started teaching dance fitness, I was teaching 25 to 30 classes per week and lost my voice. My body gave me a clear message. I had two choices: I had to want to change or change what I wanted. I could reduce the number of classes or expand and train more people to teach them. That’s how the fitness business that became Jazzercise began. Today we have more than 8,300 instructors teaching classes all over the world.
Go for it
Don’t be afraid to take a risk. If you go out on a limb and the limb breaks, pick yourself up and climb a different tree. You’ll figure it out. But you have to take action to get the momentum started. You can’t let fear stop you from making a change. Ask yourself if it’s the change that’s really scaring you or just the idea of it. Then decide to stop interpreting the anticipation and adrenaline you feel as fear.
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