Celebrities Respond to Eric Garner’s Killer Going free in New York


eric garner
Demonstrators are already protesting across the country. This “lay in” is at Chicago’s Grand Central Station.

Once again, the judicial system of America reached inside the breastplate of black America and ripped her heart out of the collective body.
Even with a videotape showing, frame by frame, New York police officer Daniel Pantaleo squeezing the life out of Eric Garner illegally and unecessarily, he was vindicated of any and all charges in gentle giant’s death.
As the masses rally around the families of Mike Brown and Eric Garner in shows of demonstration nationwide, celebrities took to their social media platforms to articulate their disgust with the ruling.
Take a look at what some celebrities had to say about the Eric Garner choke hold death, and subsequent exoneration of the NYPD cop responsible for killing the man, with Angela Simmons probably summarizing the sentiments of black Americans nationwide:
I’m not sure how much more of this I can take… It’s just not fair…. #EricGarner #RIP https://t.co/rUinBvuPsA
— Angela Renee Simmons (@AngelaSimmons) December 3, 2014

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