Celebrities outraged by fatal shooting of Walter Scott in the back

Police Officer Michael Slaber is jail on murder charges.
Police Officer Michael Slaber is in jail on murder charges.

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — Celebrities stormed onto social media to convey their disbelief and outrage that yet another unarmed black man was shot dead by a white police officer, the latest in a long line of white officers killing African American males in the last few years.
Walter Scott, 50, was shot at eight times — with five bullets hitting him in the back — by a North Charleston police officer during a routine and seemingly innocuous traffic stop for a broken taillight on his Mercedes Benz.
Initially, Officer Michael Slaber told his superiors that he felt in mortal danger because Scott allegedly ripped his taser from him during a scuffle after Scott reportedly tried to flee from being apprehended. Scott had an outstanding warrant for back child support payments.
However, thanks to the cell phone video shot by a passerby, it details a story that contradicts the officer’s account of how the episode went down. Scott is seen clearly trying to flee the scene, away from the officer, when Slaber practically emptied his clip into Scott’s hide. Moreover, it appears that Slaber was planting evidence as he went back to pick up his taser and drop it by Scott’s dead body.
Slaber is now being holed up in a local South Carolina jail on charges of murder and has been denied bond.
The video went viral immediately and national news outlets have been reporting on the violent and horrific ordeal all morning. Celebrities far and wide took to their Twitter and others social media accounts to vent their frustration and exasperation that this keeps happening — and with seeming greater frequency than ever before.
Take a look at what the likes of Questlove, Isaiah Washington, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child and many other celebs have to say:

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