Celebrating Sweetest Day the Black Way

October is filled with things to celebrate. Every year, the states of the Midwest celebrate Sweetest Day. This is the day when the man in the relationship is celebrated and romanced. With the surge of successful black-owned restaurants, spas and products ladies around the city of Chicago have a plethora of items to buy and places to go to celebrate. If you’re wondering where you can celebrate this year or looking for intimate things to do, take a look at the list below for some ideas.

  1. Next Man Up Spa. If you’re looking for a date night where both of you can relax, or if you want the perfect way to ease your mate check Next Man Up Spa. Located at 946 E. 43rd Street, this spa caters to the needs of everyone. From relaxation massages,  sports massages, and customized spa packages Next Man Up Spa will have your man’s soul feeling brand new. For more information about the spa, or to book an appointment, visit their website https://nextmanupspa.com/
  2. Conversational Cards. If you don’t want to go out amongst the crowd, plan an intimate evening. The two of you can have dinner prepared by a private chef, create a meal for two together, or order from your favorite restaurant. For the night’s entertainment, you can engage in a fun and educational conversation using Tonight’s Conversation Cards by Ace Metaphor. You can choose from a variety of dating/couple’s conversations card games to suit you and your partner’s needs. For more information or to purchase a set of cards visit https://linktr.ee/tonightsconversationcards
  3. Bronzeville Winery. If you’re looking for an environment that’s comfortable with an eloquent menu and a rotating wine list, Bronzeville Winery is the place for you. Located at 4420 South Cottage Grove, guests of this distinguished winery are encouraged to socialize with your guests and enjoy the scenery. For more information and to make reservations, which are highly recommended, visit their website at https://www.bronzevillewinery.com/
  4. Virtue Restaurant and Bar. If you’re looking for an up close, personal and romantic experience Virtue Restaurant and Bar is the Sweetest Day spot for you and your partner. Located at 1462 East 53rd Street this Southern American restaurant prides itself in creating a culture of hospitality, warmth and kindness. For more information and to book reservations, visit Virtue at https://www.virtuerestaurant.com/
  5. Stay Home Sip and Paint. If you don’t want to go out, you and your boo can always stay in and have a personalized Sip and Paint for two. You can order painting supplies from a variety of sip and paint shops around the city.
  6. Emeche’ Cakery and Cafe. If you’re looking for sweet treats for your mate’s palette, check out Emeche’ Cakery and Cafe. Located at 3453 South Prairie Avenue, this quaint cafe serves a variety of tasty and elegant pastries your loved one will be sure to enjoy. You can stop by the cakery or order your mates favorite treats online at https://www.emechecakeryandcafe.com/

Sweetest Day is a day where love is shared and shown. Ladies, take some time to show your partner how sweet they are to you on this day and plan for him like never before. No matter what you decide to do, make sure it brings a smile to your mate’s face and brightens his day.




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