Caught on Camera: Suge Knight Threatens Female Pap: ‘I Got a B*tch to Beat Your A**’

Suge Knight Threatens Female Paparazzi

As we’ve reported, Suge Knight, along with comedian Katt Williams were arrested for supposedly stealing a female paparazzi’s camera.

We also reported and showed you video of Williams denying that he an Knight took the camera.

Now TMZ is reporting and has video of Knight getting in the face of the woman and repeatedly calling her a “bitch” moments before he and Katt Williams allegedly tried to take her camera.

This is the first video of the Sept. 5 Beverly Hills incident that got Suge and Katt arrested for robbery last week. The clip starts with Suge going after a male paparazzo, but then he starts berating the chick pap from a distance — accusing her of taking pictures of his son.

Then it gets real scary. All 6’4″ of Suge marches over to her, and unleashes the threat … “I got a bitch to come beat your motherf***in’ ass!”

It’s interesting because, as we first told you — Katt Williams denies laying a hand on the photog, but does say a female companion of his intervened because the pap was taking shots of Suge’s young son.

Williams, by the way, never appears in the video which you can see here, at TMZ.

On a related note, last night on “Saturday Night Live,” Knight and Williams were skewered as part of a parody on the news segment, “Weekend Update” where host Michael Che interviewed them about their most recent arrest. Williams is played by Jay Pharaoh and Knight by Keenan Thompson

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