Cassandra Matz: Helping Women Leaders

This year has officially been coined “The Year Of The Girl,” and Black Girl Magic is not just a phrase, but a reality. Black Women are taking the reins, handling BIG business, plus keeping it classy…and we do it all in a fabulous pair of heels!
Cassandra Matz, Trustee for the Village of Olympia Fields, Ill., is someone we think you should know! Matz is the Founder of “Women In Leadership,” an organization created for the sole purpose of supporting women looking to gain positions in leadership/government offices/etc. Her quest to be a resource for women seeking leadership roles began during the time that she was running for Trustee, and after going through that process, she retained and sought to share the knowledge of what it took to succeed. Other women wanted to know her story and took an interest in learning about what it takes to achieve such goals. Her response? “You must have a serving heart, and you must realize that the change you are looking to implement has to include you being a portion of that change.”
Matz goes on record saying that women are the “ultimate multi-taskers,” and she makes it clear that when women come to the table, we get things done! She realized this fact while serving as Chief of Staff for the State Senator for six years. During this season in her life (her 20s), she began freely giving her services to women when the late Harold Washington ran for Mayor. Matz remembers being amazed that someone who “looked like her” was not only running for Mayor of the city that raised her, but that same person would make history by ultimately winning the race! It then became her mission to serve others by sharing what is necessary to when seeking those leadership roles.
Matz has hosted events for free that bring in the ones who have paved the way for such dreams to come to fruition. She states that there are three things that she can attribute to her success: one, holding positions that intertwine with her vision of the Women In Leadership, which makes it easy to reach women and become that resource for them; two, being blessed with relationships and people who trust her word, and three, being authentic and transparent about the journey. She states that “good governance is being a good neighbor,” and these events give her the avenue to be that good neighbor.
Matz’s next event (date TBD) will be held in August, is open to women from all walks of life and will be a fun event that brings women together to ask questions, talk to real people who have won races for positions in public office, and to listen to their stories of overcoming obstacles associated with their dreams. This will also be a way to get everyone fired up for elections coming in November 2018.
Are you seeking to learn more about Cassandra Matz and the Women In Leadership? Contact her by visiting, where you will find her preferred methods of communication. We look forward to seeing what’s next for women leaders in the Chicago and surrounding suburbs, and Cassandra Matz is most certainly someone you should know!


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