Building a Brand with Twisted Eggroll

Twisted Eggroll Chicago DefenderNikkita Randle is a charismatic spirit that loves to travel, cook, eat, dance, sing, and experience new things. A graduate of both the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Keller Graduate School of Management. After losing her father to ALS in 2010, it was time to establish her own business. Randle is a recipient of the Red Eye Big Idea Award Food & Drink 2015, a partnership with 1871 establishing the ChiBuys program, and a vendor of the inaugural Chicago Riverwalk Community Marketplace. She recently expanded her business to include retail and e-commerce.

Twisted Eggroll was established in January 2015 from a love for food, a passion for cooking, and a hope to touch the lives of many. Twisted Eggroll is a frozen packaged product that approaches the traditional egg roll with an infused spin. Their current packaged product flavors include Buffalo Chicken, Veggie Southwestern, and Cheesesteak. In addition, they offer a fresh made to order catering service in the Chicago area that delivers an extended menu featuring additional flavors: chicken fajita, pizza, mac and cheese, dessert cheesecake, and sweet potato eggrolls.

The Chicago Defender spoke with the owner, Nikkita Randle about expanding her business during a pandemic and why research, proper planning, and patience are required to sustain her business.

Twisted Egg Roll is available in Foxtrot stores, Green Grocer, and


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